Available Now: Thief Lupin 2 – Sneaks into The Play Store

A sequel to the popular game Thief Lupin, which was downloaded over six million times, has quietly crept into the Play Store between late last night and early morning. Bluewind, the creator of Thief Lupin 2: The Legendary Treasure, has been developing mobile games since 2005. The game is a compilation of multiple genres, in that it includes puzzle elements, platforming and is in some aspects, a type of endless runner. Somehow, Bluewind makes it all work. Thief Lupin 2: The Legendary Treasure, is ready for you to explore multiple levels and scour the globe, by becoming a master thief. 

“You are the Master Thief Lupin and your mission is to make your way through five-worlds full of unique puzzles and challenges as you face-off against vampires, giant puffer-fish, and hoards of bats in order to steal the most valuable artifacts around the world. Each level requires players to accomplish missions and earn stars. The game features tons of great unlockable items and new characters to help Lupin on his quest for jewels.” – Bluewind

Thief Lupin 2 Features:

  • Unique one-touch game play
  • Fight Dracula, the Kraken and more bosses in 13 challenging boss fights!
  • 5 Playable characters with special bonuses and abilities
  • 5 Worlds and over 150 unique and brain teasing levels
  • 160 unlockable artifacts
  • 90 Items and power-ups to purchase
  • Thief Lupin 2 supports Tablet Mode

This time around, Bluewind has really increased the level of graphical detail that is included in the game. The music is memorable too. The controls thus far, have proven extremely responsive, which is a requirement for a game that requires you to make quick decisions. In each level, there are multiple floors that Thief Lupin must traverse, in sort of an endless running style. Once you tap the screen, Thief Lupin begins running and will not stop, until you touch the screen again. There are obstacles that fall from the ceilings, bats that move up and down, spikes and rotating blades, among many other dangerous elements, that stand between you, your treasures, and your exit. You will navigate this intricate environment, while you are trying to collect gems, and complete the goals in the least amount of time possible.

The game is free to play. That means of course, that there is an in-app store. It is called the Thief Shop. You are able to purchase gold keys. Gold keys unlock different characters in the game, allow you to level-up faster, or add unique traits to your character, that provide you a higher level of defense. Some characters and attributes, are unlocked after you reach certain levels/goals. Since the game just came out, we are unable to determine yet, how much the free-to-play structure affects the overall game play. However, to give you an idea of the cost of the gold keys, it starts with $3.85 for 13 gold keys and goes up to 397 gold keys for $86.54.

Thief Lupin 2 is integrated with Google Game Play Services and has leaderboards and 18 achievements that can be collected. If you choose, you can also sign in with your FaceBook account. This allows you to connect with friends, and gives you the opportunity to have help from your friends if you get stuck on certain levels. So far, Thief Lupin 2: The Legendary Treasure, appears to be a very good sequel. Only more playing time will tell, if some of the treasure collected within the game, will come out of your own pocket. Thief Lupin 2 is available to download now from the Play Store. 

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