[Update] Awesome new pinball game called Pinball Yeah! now available. Published through Interplay.

Interplay has been in the gaming scene for awhile and perhaps you may have heard of a few games they have published such as Fallout series and Earth Worm Jim. They do have one game out already for Android and their new one called Pinball Yeah! just landed on the market and was developed by CodeRunners.

As pinball games go, Pinball Yeah! looks ridiculously awesome just in the eye candy department alone. What is even more awesome is some of the blacked-out neon levels which brings us to the whole retro-looking Tron type of eye candy. It also has some great realistic physics involved for those of you who are purists when it comes to pinball games and having them as close to the real thing as possible.


  • Seriously nice 3D graphics
  • Realistic physics
  • 4 tables to choose from: Pirates, Leprechauns, Krakens, and Artificial Intelligence



Consider this version out right now more of a lite version as a full featured version with more tables among other things will be arriving over the next coming days. If you like pinball games that have some wicked graphics and great physics then you’ll want to try Pinball Yeah! out for only $1.49. The full featured version will be free (ad-supported) when it lands on the Android Market shortly. Definitely watch the trailer below.

Update: It seems as though this initial version is $1.49 on the Android Market. In the email we received from the developers they mentioned it would be free (ad-supported) so maybe they changed their mind about the business model they wanted to use. Either way it’s a great game!

Developer Website: Interplay | Coderunners

Market Link: Pinball Yeah!

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