Awesome Puzzler Slayaway Camp is Currently on Sale for 99c

Slayaway Camp Humble Bundle

Slayaway Camp, Blue Wizard’s universally acclaimed slasher-themed puzzler, is currently on sale for just 99c – down from its usual price of $2.99.

Set in a stayaway camp, the game sees you assuming the role of Skullface, a murderer with a penchant for visuo-spatial reasoning, lateral thought, and guts. The aim in each stage is to reach your victims without being taken out by a SWAT unit, drowning, or otherwise coming to a sticky end. 

Slayaway Boast Tricky Puzzles and Gruesome Killings

The gameplay follows the sliding puzzler blueprint faithfully and competently, with some truly noodle-scratching puzzles as you make your way through the campaign, but Slayaway Camp’s real strength is in its ‘80s pastiche presentation. 

The blocky presentation somehow manages to make the appallingly graphic violence amusing rather than traumatic. 

You can download Slayaway Camp on the cheap right now on Google Play.

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