Escape The Town With Your Bodyless Friend In Aznana!

The picture shows the Aznana title cars. The background is plenty of burnt orange and brown hues with dark overcast buildings to frame the shot. On a quiet street in the center, we see the boy pedaling the bike with the white girl's decapitated head in the front basket. The Aznana logo is above their head

Take a journey with Aznana in this stunning new game by Caramel Column Inc. With an alluring style reminiscent of the sketchy-styled Don’t Starve, Aznana brings something entirely refreshing to the Play Store. 

Aznana is a captivating story game. Begin your adventure as a lonely voiceless boy who is residing alone, until one strange day, you cross paths with the round and white head of a girl. This decapitated noggin becomes a close ally of yours, so off you both ‘head’ (get it?) upon your little bike with her stuffed in the basket on your adventures.

One Can’t Talk, The Other Never Stops!

The curious girl has plenty of questions, and you are a boy with no voice. As you both build currency to escape the town you will be immersed in a pleasant storyline. Journey through the tale as you guide each character through their unique ending, all whilst being lulled with catchy tunes!

You earn your coins by scavenging the town’s dump. As well as tapping cans to earn your small fortune bit by bit. You can then interact with interesting characters with non-human heads to buy and sell trinkets and findings to finally pocket the difference.

Cans Galore!

Aznana is the ideal comforting story game for anyone who likes things causal. With no threats or adrenaline-pumping action, you can find yourself cozy in this gorgeous little experience. That said, there is a frenzy mode! It’s raining cans and you must tap as many as possible whilst the frenzied fever is ignited. Of course, the cans reward you with currency, so get tapping as fast as you can!

Pedal over to Aznana today on the Play Store! If you’re into charming casual story games, you may also like the news we covered for Festive Fright as Little Nightmares.

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