Babo Crash Deluxe comes to Android

Match-3 games…there’s a slew of them available for Android but maybe 20% of them are great while the other 80% offers nothing unique or exciting. Babo Crash Deluxe has made it’s was from iOS to Android bringing with it the same great match-3 type of game you enjoy but with a lot more including crazy graphics, characters and phone rotating.

Babo Crash Deluxe, dubbed “Match-3 game on steroids”, offers some killer graphics and characters from their other games to enhance to classic match-3 game we have all played at one time or another. The controls are touch screen based but…you can also rotate your phone to strategically to help control the falling gems once you’ve broken some in an attempt to make some crazy combos.


  • Heroic abilities
  • Great graphics and sounds
  • 2 Game modes
  • Strategic screen rotation
  • OpenFeint integration with Achievements and Leaderboard
  • Characters from PlayBrains’ other game Babo: Invasion


If you haven’t played their other game on the iPhone/iPad then you won’t recognize the character in Babe Crash Deluxe which I do not. However, they look like extreme smilies which have their own special moves called Heroic Abilities.

Unfortunately this game is like crack from anyone who enjoys Match-3 style games and when you get this game expect to waste a large portion of your immediate life playing it. You can pick it up on the Android Market right now for $1.99CA which is pretty much the same in USD. Go on..get know you want to!

Developer Website: PlayBrains

Direct Market Link: Babo Crash Deluxe

Click QR Code to enlarge for easy scanning: {rokbox}images/stories/QRCodeLibrary/QRBaboCD.png{/rokbox}

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