Back to the Future has invaded Halfbrick’s Jetpack Joyride starting today

We briefly touched on Back to the Future franchise’s upcoming birthday the other day in our post about Telltale Games’ impromptu Q&A session on Twitter. Unfortunately none of the Back to the Future stuff talked about was heading to mobile. The good news is that there is actually some Back to the Future goodness coming to mobile to celebrate its anniversary, but in the form of a new themed event in Jetpack Joyride.

Today Halfbrick announced that they have pushed out a new update themed around Back to the Future. It’s actually a pretty big update with an entirely new game mode to play through, two new vehicles (I wonder what those could possibly be), three new costumes, and much more. What’s even better is that all of these things can be accessed for free during the entire month of October.

Players will be trying to collect Flux Capacitors, collecting points, and going through time in the new game mode, which takes place in Hill Valley 2015. The new game mode is a sort of time trial one. The Flux Capacitors you collect go to extending the time which is counting down. Each one you collect adds an additional 5 seconds back onto the clock. You have to be very careful though as any collision while you are playing will result in a 10-second deduction penalty.

These Flux Capacitors are pretty important besides adding time to your clock. These items are also used to unlock three of the new characters added in this update: Marty McFly, Doc Brown, and Biff Tannen. Whenever you unlock one of these new characters, you will be able to then use them as an outfit in the normal version of Jetpack Joyride.

Earlier we mentioned that access to all of this new content is available for free for the month of October. After that, if you want to gain permanent access to it, you have the option of buying the Future Bundle for $9.99 via an IAP. This will grant you access permanently to the Amped Up ’85 Guitar Jetpack, the hoverboard, DeLorean Time Machine, and Hill Valley 2015 background.

For those of you curious why there is a sudden influx of Back to the Future related news in the world right now, it is because the franchise has turned 30 years old but in Back to the Future II, the date Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel to is October 21st, 2015. So we’ve almost come full circle. The Back to the Future 30th Anniversary Trilogy DVD and Blu-ray will be released on October 5th, 2015. So this year and month are pretty big for the franchise.

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