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Backflipper is your next ragdoll physics casual gaming obsession

What’s the best way to get down from the roof of your building after a long day at work?

  1. The elevator
  2. The stairs
  3. A series of descending rooftop backflips

If you answered a) or b), we have some bad news: you’re basic. Better luck next time!

But if you answered c), you’re totally rad, and just the sort of person who will excel at Backflipper.

This latest ragdoll physics-based casual game, which you can play for free on Poki, sees you hurling yourself backwards from a variety of elevated positions, starting with the top of a skyscraper.

An arrow sweeps unsteadily back and forth over your head, and you have to time your mouse click perfectly to send your little person backflipping away at the right trajectory. Tapping a second time in mid-air stops them tumbling.

Take off when the arrow is too vertical and they’ll just crash straight back down in an uncomfortable-looking heap of folded limbs. However, too horizontal and they may overshoot their target and plummet to their deaths.

Flip it

As you can imagine, it’s very easy to die in Backflipper. While you play Backflipper game on Poki it’s incredibly satisfying to pull off the perfect backflip, from the ideal lift-off to the moment your character lands safely with a satisfying thump on their feet, more often than not you’ll they’ll end up bonelessly wedged between two buildings, trees, or whatever.

Mastering the controls and physics is the core of Backflipper’s appeal, but there are other goals too. On the way down you’ll find coins and birds hovering in the air, and you can collect these to unlock new characters and maps.

There’s Tree Flips, where you jump from branch to branch, Jet Flips, where you jump from plane to plane, and Elevators, where your landing spots unhelpfully ascend and descend.

Backflipper is great fun to play, and it looks good too, with a cheerful blocky aesthetic familiar from casual hits like Crossy Road.

Play Backflipper for free right now on Poki.

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