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BanG Dream x Chainsaw Man Features Makima and Power – But Apparently, There’s No Gacha?

feature image for our banG dream x chainsaw man news, the image features official card art for banG dream characters who have been transformed into characters from chainsaw man, sayo is makima as she holds the lapels of her coat with blood stains, and rui is aki as she holds a katana while her face is covered with blood

BanG Dream x Chainsaw Man is an upcoming collaboration that’s due to start on June 30! Sadly, it’s only available on JP servers at the moment. 

This doesn’t mean that it won’t come to global servers in the future, but it’s a shame that a large portion of players are going to miss out on this exciting event at launch.

For more information about the game, please visit the official website

Rhythm Game Meets the World of Shonen

BanG Dream x Chainsaw Man is an unexpected collaboration, especially considering the nature behind both franchises. BanG Dream is an idol rhythm mobile game with its own anime adaptation, whereas Chainsaw Man is one of the most popular anime and manga series as of late.

When thinking of Chainsaw Man, you wouldn’t necessarily imagine idol groups, both worlds are entirely different. However, the card art for each character looks fantastic. 

Which Characters Are Obtainable?

While fan-favourite characters such as Power, Makima, and Kobeni won’t be added to the game themselves, BanG Dream characters will be transformed into them. 

So far, we know that the following characters are involved in the collaboration:

  • Rimi – Kobeni
  • Toko – Power
  • Rui – Aki
  • Ran – Denji
  • Sayo – Makima

A Possibility of No Gacha

While BanG Dream has its own gacha, the official Twitter page states that the character cards will not be added to the gacha banner. 

As there isn’t much information about this collaboration yet, we’re speculating that the cards will be obtainable via event rewards. Though it’s a little strange to have such a high-caliber collaboration without the monetary gain that comes with gacha pulls.

Will There Be New Music?

Furthermore, it isn’t clear if this event will bring a brand-new song to the roster. It wouldn’t be surprising if the opening theme for the Chainsaw Man anime makes an appearance – the ever-popular “Kick Back” by Kenshi Yonezu. 

With BanG Dream being a music-focused game, it would make sense to include songs from the Chainsaw Man series.

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