Barbasoft Team causing a little zombie mayhem on Android with TSUZP!

Developers going by the name of Barbasoft Team are currently working on the beta version of their game called TSUZP! which actually stands for The Still Unnamed Zombie Project. This game is a mash-up of a few genres including Tower Defense, Action and Strategy.

In a nutshell TSUZP! is a survival game with mechanics from a few different genres. You have tower defense gameplay since you have waves of zombies trying to eat your brains and you have defenses you can set up to help combat that. You have action and strategy gaming as well since your defense have to be strategically placed but you also control a squad of people who are trying to survive each wave of zombies.

Combat and everything that comes along with it is real-time tactical based action. That means you will have some hectic gameplay having to deal with defenses, waves of enemies and your own squad of survivors. Like any good zombie game there is a nice variety of weaponry you can use to mow down all the zombies you can. The game right now only has 6 levels but when it launches it will contain over 20 to start with more added in the future.

Currently TSUZP! is still in a beta phase of development although the developers cite it’s nearing the end development stages. Even though the game is in beta, it is available for anyone who wants to start playing the game already. You can download TSUZP! off of the Google Play store for free and remember, it is a beta so there might be some bugs!

Google Play Link: TSUZP!

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