Barcode Beasties Returns!

Barcode Beasties has been around for almost as long as the Android market has been. Developed by Richard Green, Barcode Beasties offers up a Pokemon battle style game where you find monsters of various levels with different abilities by scanning QR Codes on whatever products you have around and pitting them against one another.

A while ago development stopped on this little gem of a game for whatever reason and it has laid dormant on the market..until recently. Development has started back up and some of the upcoming features look pretty promising including multiplayer so you can battle other people’s high level monsters with your own. Also on the table is the ability to level up your monster by earning XP through battles.

You need to have a barcode scanner installed on your Android phone and I’m not sure if you can use any or just a specific one. I’ve always used ‘Barcode Scanner’ by ZXing Team and it has always worked with Barcode Beasties even back on my G1. Other options include the ability to save or delete any monster you find while scanning every product in your kitchen. All you have to do to scan is click on the Scan Here To Scan button, point your phone’s camera at the barcode and it’ll read it and tell you the monster you’ve found including the appropriate stats it has.

There are a ridiculous amount of beasties to find, some of which sport some really humorous names such as the Mother-in-Law beastie. Barcode Beasties was always a promising title back in the day and now with development resuming, it still is. You can pick up a copy on the Android market right now for free. One thing to note though, currently there seems to be a Nexus One compatibility issue and I’m not sure if that is due to Android 2.1 or if it’s a handset issue. I do know it works fine on all older phones such as the G1.

Developer Website: Barcode Beasties

Click QR code to enlarge for easy scanning: {rokbox}images/stories/QRCodeLibrary/QRBarcodeBeasties.png{/rokbox}

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