Barrr Pirate Game

What Friday wouldn’t be complete without some sort of alcohol reference. Hey it is the weekend, time to kick back and have a beer or whatever your poison is. Even better, why not have a cold one while running your own pirate bar? Barrr, developed by Firedroid, will let you do just that on your Android phone and it comes complete with some very unique art.

Barr is a time management/strategy game where you run your own pirate bar. Keeping the customers happy is the key to success. Your controls are nothing more then tapping the screen. When a pirate walks in you’ll see a little speech bubble which will have a picture in it indicating what he wants to do whether it’s drink a beer at the bar, get a tattoo, go to the bathroom or whatever else it wants to do.

Just tap on the customer and then tap where you want them to go. Each customer has a few green dots to the left of them indicating their happiness. The longer it takes to fulfill their needs the more unhappy they get and the less likely you’ll get paid. Things get pretty crazy real fast as more customers come in to your bar.


  • Really unique art style
  • Fun gameplay
  • 10 levels
  • Per-level High Scores
  • Pirate music and beer!


The art style in this game reminds me of Buuf style art. If you have never seen Buuf in a theme on an Android phone or desktop PC, it’s a more pastel cartoon looking type of art. Depending on how you do it, it can come off very weird or very cute, either way it’s very good.

While the game is rather short right now, only featuring 10 levels, but more are planned so don’t let that stop you from enjoying this game. It is definitely a unique game, sort of a diamond and you will definitely want to grab this while you can as it is free right now on the Android market.

Developer Website: Firedroid

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