Battle Bears -1 getting Xperia Play support. Concept Art for Rigg slightly disturbing.

SkyVue Pictures has been slowly releasing their Battle Bears series of games onto the Android Market over the last little while including add-on packs for them, all of which are fun games. Battle Bears -1 is especially fun as a OTS (Over-the-shoulder) shooter game featuring some crazy 3D graphics and bears who are really angry.

While Battle Bears -1 is geared towards high-end newer Android devices (re: Not the original Droid or Nexus One phone), they recently announced that they were working on a version that would be optimized for the Xperia Play, specifically regarding controls. This is where the Xperia Play is really going to pull through for some games, esecpially in this genre of gaming.


You goal in Battle Bears -1 is to defend your ship from an onslaught of ‘confused creatures’ a.k.a pissed off bears ranging in various colors. It comes loaded with a ton of weapons, massive bosses and all kinds of humor. You can download the Lite version to test it out before grabbing the full paid version off the Android Market for $0.99. You will need to install both add-ons for Battle Bears -1 which are also available free on the market.

Speaking of Battle Bears, SkyVue Pictures just posted some concept art of one of the main characters, Riggs. Dubber the “BBR Edition” of Riggs, we are both intrigued and disturbed at the same time. This is probably due to the shell casings from the bullets coming out of his ass or the machine gun nipples, or maybe not. Enjoy.

Developer Website: SkyVue Pictures

Direct Market Link: Battle Bears -1

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