Battle for Mars Update

Battle for Mars by Larva Labs just received an update with a great feature…multiplayer! Now you can play against other people in this great turn based strategy game and multiplayer has Shroud of War enabled which means you can’t see where your enemy is until they are right on you (or the other way around).

If you don’t know or haven’t played Battle for Mars then you have missed out on a great turn based game. A quick list of features:

– 17 different units

– 3 different enemy races each with their own special powers

– 6 different types of buildings

– Campaign mode as well as just a fun mode for quick games

– and now multiplayer!

This update also comes with a few tweaks to re-balance the game a bit such as:

– TechBots can no longer move over mountains

– TransBot moves faster and SniperBot moves slower now

– LaserBot is slightly more effective against boats.

– Space Ships can now fly through units (even enemy ones)

– 4 new maps as well

Definitely a great addition to this game and it should be a lot of fun. You can pick it up on the Android market for $4.99.


Developer Website: Larva Labs

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