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Battle Legion is battle royale meets RTS on Android

Battle Legion

Battle Legion is an intriguing new arena battler that blends RTS elements with the smash hit battle royale genre. It’s out right now on Android in beta.

You’ll build a complete army of units, from tanks to archers and wizards. There’s an absolute ton of options and each are good at a different thing.

Battle Legion is out now in beta on Android

Following that you’ll place your units tactically on the battlefield, paying attention to your formation. You don’t want to leave your weaker units exposed.

There’s a ton of stuff to keep you busy outside of battling too. You can upgrade your units, complete quests to get unique rewards, and join the community on Discord to help the developers finish the game.

So head on over to Google Play right now and check out this awesome RTS battle royale in beta.

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