Battleheart 2 hacks and slashes onto Android

Battleheart 2 Android

Battleheart 2 revives the strategy RPG franchise on Android today by harkening back to the original entry.

Gone is the Diablo-style hacking and slashing of Legacy, and in its place is the innovative mechanics of the original.

You’ll swipe to direct your party around the battlefield, picking enemies to battle and allies to support.

Battleheart 2 has finally launched on Android

Your party is made up of four heroes that each have different abilities, which you can activate by tapping the skill icon on screen.

The further you get, the more heroes you’ll unlock. There’s a wide variety of options on offer.

So head on over to Google Play right now to get Battleheart 2. It’s well worth checking out for fans of RPGs and strategy.

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