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Battlerise: Kingdom Of Champions – A Classic RPG Fantasy Game With A Unique Feeling

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A brand new role-playing fantasy game has just dropped on Google Play. With a gripping story, turn-based battles, and endless dungeons to explore – Battlerise: Kingdom of Champions has a little something for everyone.

The game has that classic fantasy theme we all know and love, but also brings a unique feeling to it. There are different characters to meet, new places to explore, and a variety of items to find… are you ready to go on an adventure?

Champions Are Key

Battlerise: Kingdom of Champions is set in the world Eos. The lord of death, Tiamat, is invading the land and is bringing death and destruction. Only you can save it by creating the perfect team of Champions to defeat Tiamat and bring peace and harmony to Eos again.

Characters play a big part in the games storyline and battles, specifically The Champions. As you progress throughout the game, you will meet different Champions who all bring something different to battles. Each one has their own skills, spells, and attacks which can be fused with other Champions for greater power. However, not all Champions get along – so you may have to maximize friendships first.

Each Champion can hold six items when going into battle, so be sure to choose wisely!

Find those items!

When it comes to battles, there are three modes available when you start the game: Arena, Adventure, and Dungeon Run. They all offer different actions… meaning you will also have to create different strategies for each one in order to progress.

The game uses the classic RPG turn-based combat, so it is all about strategies and using the best items possible! Make sure to keep an eye out for any valuable items and artifacts.

The game offers a diverse selection of items you can obtain throughout the game. With magical items to help you on your journey as well as legendary weapons and other valuable items – there is a lot to collect! Not to mention, each item can be paired with characters to further improve their skills and stats.

Artifacts are one of the most important things to collect when it comes to items. You can snatch them up from enemies after defeating them in battle. Some weapons include The Infernal Reaper, The Heart of Etherstone, and The Skullcrusher.

Are you ready to save Eos? Get ready for one of the biggest adventures yet and download Battlerise: Kingdom of Champions on Google Play now! If you want to have a look at other trending titles, you can check out our Best New Android Games This Week.

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