Be a monkey MacGuyver and build me a bridge using some coconuts, vines and bamboo

As the title suggests, you need to be a bit of a MacGuyver and build structures using coconuts, vines and some bamboo in the second installment of the Tiki Towers game by Game House called, Tiki Towers 2: Monkey Republic. Your goal in this game is to use the above mentioned items and build structures to save your fellow monkeys.

In this physics-based game, you will have to build structures to lead your fellow monkey tribe-mates to safety by building bridges and towers over obstacles. Along the way you’ll be able to pick up items to help your progress, take the stick challenge and even deal with levels that have multiple exits.


  • Great graphics and original sounds
  • Fun themes
  • Good physics-based gameplay
  • 30 Levels



All the structures you build can bend, break and interact with the environment as well so it really isn’t your typical physics-based structure type of game.

The first Tiki Towers by Gamehouse won the Best Casual Game back in 2010 and this new installment might be just as good. If you like physics-based structure games then this would be one to give a try. You can pick this up off the Android Market for $2.99 and there is no free trial version available.

Thanks to John for the tip!

Developer Website: GameHouse

Direct Market Link: Tiki Towers 2

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