Because We May sale begins today discounting 57 Android games until June 1st

A few days ago we mentioned that a group of Android game developers have gotten together to discount their games in a project called Because We May. In sort of the same style of the Humble Bundle but without actually being a bundle, these developers have all discounted the price of their games starting today.

Since we last posted about this, a bunch more developers have joined the ranks of Because We May participants which now total 56 instead of the 30 that were a part of this back when we posted about it originally. Here is the complete list of games on sale starting today:

– World of Goo
– Osmos
– Snuggle Truck
– Smuggle Truck
– Smiles
– Smiles HD
– The Chicken Bandit
– Cogs
– Holiday Bonus
– Holiday Bonus HD
– Edge
– Edge Extended
– Canabalt HD
– Zen Bound 2
– Swords and Soldiers
– Avadon: The Black Fortress
– Skullpogo
– Pro Zombie Soccer
– Bean’s Quest
– Rebuild
– Shadowgun
– Anomaly: Warzone Earth HD
– Great Little War Game
– These Robotic Hearts of Mine
– Fieldrunners HD
– Mobile Montessori
– Pancakes!!!
– Babylonian Twins Premium
– Gunman Clive
– Kraut Attack
– Star Sloth
– RipTide GP
– UPSAT: You Probably Suck At This
– Little Stars for Little Wars 2
– Spirited Heart
– Star Fighter – MegaYatzy
– MegaFarkle HD
– MegaYatzy HD
– Bag it!
– All My Enemies
– All My Enemies Revenge
– Car Tracks
– Bugs Race
– Whale Trail
– Apsis
– Spirit HD
– Ground Effect Pro HD
– PolarStorm HD
– TileStorm Eire HD
– TileStorm HD
– Juggle! HD
– Denki Blocks! Deluxe
– Mixt HD
– Aftermath XHD
– Hard Lines HD
– Coins

As you can see that aside from this being a rather large list, it is quite the stellar list of titles. You really can’t go wrong picking up any or all of these games. This sale starts today and will last until June 1st, 2012 so there is plenty of time to sift through all the games and select the ones you want. A lot of games are 33% – 75% off of their regular pricing so this is a great time to not only support indie game developers but pick up some sweet games.

All the games are linked to the Google Play store from the Because We May site so hit up the link below and head on over. Expect more sales heading your way as Memorial Day approaches.

Developer Website: Because We May

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