Games like Genshin: Best Genshin Impact alternatives

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular online games on mobile, PC and console. However, miHoYo’s online gacha game does get dull between updates, so you’ll want some games like Genshin to keep up entertained. 

Thankfully, there’s loads of games like Genshin Impact these days! If you want that anime Zelda vibe all day, every day, you’ve come to the right place! 

Best Games like Genshin: Tower of Fantasy

Perhaps the most obvious clone of Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy is certainly one of the stronger competitors. Developed by Hotta Studios, the free-to-play gacha game is very much like miHoYo’s title. 

In Tower of Fantasy, you choose a male or female to protagonist to play as to explore the planet of Aida. A planet in turmoil, Aida is overrun with mutant does corrupted by radioactive Omnium. 

Working alongside a colourful cast of characters, you’ll explore a very Genshin world to battle a very similar selection of enemies. Furthermore, you’ll be fighting them with a very familiar elemental-based combat system. 

If you’re looking for games like Genshin for that sweet, addictive gacha, Tower of Fantasy obviously has that, too. You’ll use your premium currency to summon Simulacra, AI representations of heroes that you can assume the identity of. Yes, that means there are anime girls (and boys) to collect. 

If you want literally just more Genshin Impact, then ToF is a fantastic addition. In our review, we disliked the fact that it was such a carbon copy, but it is still a good, solid game. However, it does have a substantial cheating problem

Noah’s Heart 

As far as Genshin clones go, Noah’s Heart may be our favourite. It’s certainly an underdog compared to Tower of Fantasy, bunt Noah’s Heart is slightly less reliant on what made Genshin so popular. 

For example, Noah’s Heart leans hard into its oppressive world with a darker colour pallet and more Black Desert-ish art style. It looks different and feels different, but it’s still similar to Genshin. 

However, Noah’s Heart differentiates itself in a number of ways. It’s a game that’s more interested in exploring its world and acting as more of an MMO. While Genshin and Tower of Fantasy both have MMO events, the latter more so, this game leans into it harder. 

In Noah’s Heart, you’ll explore the fantasy-steampunk planet of Noah. Whether that’s by foot, by horse or by airship, you’ll be able to traverse the world with ease. 

Additionally, you’ll also find the typical gacha elements here. However, it’s much less reliant on them than other games like Genshin. Nevertheless, they are here and you can summon anime-esque Phantoms based on historical figures. 

If you’ve yet to try this game, then pick it up right here! We highly recommend it. 

Honkai Impact 3rd

There’s a reason why Honkai Impact is like Genshin Impact. It’s made by the same developers, miHoYo. In fact, this game is the precursor to everything that makes Genshin as popular as it is. 

Honkai Impact is the start of everything, an action-packed hack and slash with addictive gacha elements. Conversely, it’s not an open-world RPG like Genshin is. In fact, it’s the opposite. 

Instead of taking your characters through a vast fantasy setting, you’ll be fighting in linear stages. They’re also typical sci-fi. But it’s still like Genshin, trust me! 

If you’re a fan of miHoYo’s gacha juggernaut for its fighting systems, then Honkai replicates that perfectly. In fact, in some ways, Honkai’s tighter fighting mechanics even surpass Genshin. Isn’t that surprising? 

It’s not exactly what you’d expect, but it’s a very fun and addicting game on mobile. Also, its huge success is the reason we have Genshin Impact today. 

If you’ve never tried it, we think it’s worth a shot. Download it here!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 

Now, for this list, we did want to keep to just mobile games. However, there will be some people reading just looking for games like Genshin on any device. With this in mind, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an obvious pick. 

The obvious reference point for Genshin Impact, Breath of the Wild is the best version of this game. A gorgeous open world that you can explore at will without barriers, BOTW offers true freedom. 

Exclusive to Nintendo Switch, although hopefully one day playable on Skyline, this is a must have title. If you’re lucky enough to own a Switch and you live Genshin, definitely check this out. 

If you’re only into Genshin for its gacha, you won’t find that here. As a premium game, BOTW doesn’t rely on gacha mechanics. Instead, it’s a perfectly polished single-character adventure.

The Legend of Neverland

Currently available to preregister on Android, The Legend of Neverland may be the next great game like Genshin. Developed by GameArk, this MMORPG is a fantasy-inspired title that looks very Genshin-esque. 

While it’s not out at the time of writing, this game looks like a very interesting Genshin clone. Set in the world of Cabala, this game is primed to be a fun, if not poorly translated, competitor in the Genshin-like genre. 

The Legend of Neverland is similar to Noah’s Heart in the way it substitutes some of the action for more social gameplay. Yes, the Genshin mechanics of exploring and cooking and fishing are here. However, there’s also more social spaces to work alongside others. 

Furthermore, Legend of Neverland is far more focused on customising your character than pulling others. While Tower of Fantasy also has character customisation, this title is far more interested in letting your character evolve with you. 

If you want to pre-register, check the game out here

All the games like Genshin 

We searched far and wide to find the best games like Genshin. While other lists chose a large number of games that are nothing like miHoYo’s game, we hope we struck a good degree of accuracy! 

If you have any more Genshin-style games you’d like us to add, just tell us in the comments below! If they are like Genshin, we might add them. If not, we won’t. Simple!

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