Bethesda brings a little Fallout love to mobile with Fallout Shelter, coming to Android soon

Currently available already on iOS, although some people say its a timed exclusive while Bethesda employees say its just not ready yet for Android, the company has released a new Fallout game for mobile games called Fallout Shelter. So it will be coming to Android as well, just not for a little bit. If you’re expecting a full Fallout mobile game, then unfortunately this won’t fulfill that desire. It will, however, scratch that Fallout itch you may get when out and about.

Fallout Shelter will have players taking control of a covenant of people who are taking refuge in the Vault, which is a bunker that houses survivors of the nuclear fallout that has happened in the Fallout world. If you’re in the Vault, you can’t leave, since it is forbidden to do so. So players will be taking control of the current survivors inside the Vault, tending to the various jobs that need to be done in order to maintain a health and safe residence.

While resident can and will die, they will also be able to reproduce. So if you do everything right, you shouldn’t run out of folks to boss around. If you don’t, you will eventually run out of people to boss around, whether that be from lack of reproducing or for some other outside reason, like everyone starving to death.

Fallout Shelter will be coming to Android, there is just no release date announced as of right now. We’ll post an update when we find out the release date.

Video courtesy of IGN

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