Dead Cells Android Gets Three Huge New DLC Packs Today

Feature image for our news article on the Dead Cells Android port. It shows a Dead Cells screenshot with a boss fight taking place.

A new update has just dropped for the Dead Cells Android port that brings Break The Bank content, Enter The Panchaku, and Breaking Barriers content to the Play Store. The patch is now live and the content is free if you already have a copy. 

Get That Money

Break The Bank challenges you to get your teeth into a new and extremely shiny biome, The Bank, which can appear randomly after you’ve taken out the final boss in a run. Entering it is optional, and you’ll need to decide whether the risk is worth the reward.

The Bank is tough. It brings three new kinds of enemies, including the Gold Gorger, which will get harder and harder to deal with the more money it gets to munch on.

Fortunately, with the hard new biome and gold-grabbing monsters, you get three new weapons and mutations to help you along. All of these have a running money theme. The Gold Digger mutation gives you gold on hits, and the Gold Plating mutation means hits will take gold rather than health. The synergy opportunities are intense. 

A Helping Hand

Breaking Barriers is the accessibility update, which hit PC in June. Breaking Barriers adds a few new options to make the Dead Cells Android port easier for anyone to pick up and play. You can adjust font type and size, switch up the input, and customise the difficulty of your play experience exactly how you want it. 

Finally, there’s Enter The Panchaku, which adds the mythical panchaku weapon. It’s basically two frying pans tied together with string, but its stats are nothing to sniff at.

Alongside numerous minor rebalances, the Enter The Panchaku update brings some extremely vital content. You are now able to pet your pets at the end of levels. Struggling past the monsters will all be worth it.

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