Birdie Crush, the Arcade Golf Game from Com2uS, is Coming to Android Next Week

Birdie Crush Android

Com2uS has revealed that Birdie Crush, its arcadey take on the golf game genre, will come to the Google Play Store on February the 3rd.

Set in a fantasy world, Birdie Crush will see you helping a wannabe golfer called Erin G. Bird to achieve her dreams of golfing superstardom. You’ll meet a cast of secondary characters, too, as well as a variety of “fuzzy caddies”.

Modes include Match Mode, in which you face off against an online opponent, Single Mode, in which you work your way through a league, and Friendly Match, in which you have a casual knockaround with a chum.

Birdie Crush is a swish-looking, Everybody’s Golf-esque golf game that’s likely to be highly accessible. It’s even got a theme song performed by popular K-Pop singer Eunha from the girl group GFRIEND.

You’ll be able to download Birdie Crush for free in a few days’ time. You can pre-register for it right now on the Google Play Store.

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