Bistro Cook

Here is another addictive little time killer called Bistro Cook, developed by Quasar Studios. While not an overly complicated game to play, it’s actually fairly addictive once you start getting into it. In this game your goal is to cook and fill orders as fast as you can but also making sure you don’t burn them in the process which is easier said then done.

You have three areas where your ingredients are stored which you can access just by tapping the appropriate category. From there you just tap the ingredient you need and then tap the pan, no need to drag the item or anything. Once it is done cooking (there is a green timer bar for you to watch), just tap the finished food and tap the plate that it’s for.

As you progress it gets harder with more orders coming in one after another. Food also starts to burn a second after they are done cooking so your room for error is very small.


  • Easy screen tap controls
  • Good graphics and sounds
  • 3 difficulty levels to choose from
  • High scores


The graphics and sounds are good for the type of game it is and while not overly deep in it’s gameplay it is very easy to pick up and play right away which is something that should exist when just wanting an easy game to entertain yourself with for a few minutes of time wasting. Bistro Cook can be addictive though once you start really getting into it on the more difficult levels of play so you might find yourself playing it more then you thought you would.

You can pick this up on the Android market right now for free (ad supported). The ads aren’t visible during gameplay which is something I’ve noticed a lot of game developers are doing now which is great. If you are looking for a free game to waste time on once in awhile, check out Bistro Cook, it’s kind of cheesy but it does the trick.

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