Bit Bit Love, a new puzzle game about digital romance

Bit Bit Love, a game just released by 82 Storks and Blue Pill, is a newly released puzzle game, but also includes a story. In BBL, digital bits of information travel along in their digital world, but are more than simply a one or zero.

In this case, the bits are a bit (pardon the pun) more like people, and there are two of them in particular that are falling in love, despite the security systems in place attempting to prevent them from doing so, apparently a la Romeo and Juliette. BBL comes with 100 levels to solve, a catchy chip tune soundtrack, Facebook integration (Sorry, no Google Play Games found here) and a story to boot. 

Features in Bit Bit Love:

-100 levels of increasing difficulty!
-Control the world of the Bits! Do not allow the system to trap R0D and A5CA!
-a modern-graphics pixel art! (sounds good, isn’t it?)
-A 8-bit era inspired music
-Shared your progress with your friends!

It’s already available on Google Play for little over a buck and a half. You can check out the game in action in the video below.

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