BitLife finally gets ribbons on Android in an update that also includes “fertility activities”

BitLife Android

BitLife, the smash hit text-based life simulator, has finally received the long-awaited ribbons update, which introduces 30 ribbons that reward you for completing different life achievements.

You’ll get a ribbon for loads of different things like getting rich, becoming a serial killer, or dying at a young age from an accident or illness. BitLife has always been a bit grim like that.

BitLife now has 30 ribbons to collect alongside sperm donation, vasectomies, and IVF

We’ve actually covered how to get all of the ribbons in a full-on guide, and you can check that out right here if you’d like to speed through them.

Also included in this update are “fertility activities”. This includes sperm donation, vasectomies, and IVF. That’s all we’ve really got to say on that matter.

This brings BitLife closer to its iOS counterpart. If you’d like to check it out, head on over to Google Play right now and grab it.

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