Here’s Why Black Clover Mobile Was Delayed… Again

feature image for our black clover mobile delayed news, the image features promo art for the game of three characters from the series as they hold their weapons, the male on the left side is holding a book, the male in the middle is holding a giant sword over his shoulder while smiling widely and the girl on the right side is holding a wand as she slightly smiles, the names of the voice actors are also included on the art

If you were eagerly awaiting the global launch of Black Clover Mobile, you’ve probably heard about the disappointing announcement of a delayed release. In short, the international version of the game isn’t up to scratch just yet.

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The Latest FAQ Provides Answers

An FAQ was recently released explaining the sudden decision to delay the mobile game adaptation of the popular series, Black Clover. The developers believe the game needs to be optimised to provide players with the best experience possible.

Additionally, a selection of adjustments was also reported within the FAQ.

  • Difficulty across levels needs to be enhanced to ensure smooth gameplay
  • Reducing the overall “grind” aspect of the game to prevent players from getting frustrated and bored

The FAQ continues with information regarding further adjustments as time goes on during the optimisation process. The developers are also asking players to provide them with any feedback that they may have – especially those who were able to take part in the beta tests.

Is There a New Global Release Date?

The Japanese and Korean versions of the game officially launched around two months ago. The global version of Black Clover Mobile is now predicted to release around October 31, 2023. This is a pretty hefty delay, considering the title was supposed to be available for global players this month.

Still, this isn’t a new thing for the Black Clover Mobile game, as it was originally delayed back in 2022 as well. The previous delay was then followed by additional closed beta tests. It’s a little disheartening to know that it’s been pushed back yet again, but we’re glad that the development team is taking their time to perfect the game.

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