Black Clover Mobile Surpasses One Million Pre-Registrations In Korea Alone

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The Black Clover Mobile game isn’t even up for global pre-registration, and yet it has managed to rack in over one million sign ups already. The game’s developer reported the astonishing figure on the Vic Games Studios forum.

Rise Of The Wizard King – as it’s full title goes, or The Opening Of Fate in Korea – is a mobile RPG adaptation of the hit anime series, Black Clover, reimagining the anime with a turn-based strategy combat system.

Pre-Registration Rewards

Vic Game Studios plans to reward everyone that’s signed up when the game launches. In addition to the previously promised gifts, it will give away ten Bond Summon tickets.

These gifts are, of course, in celebration of the ridiculous amount of pre-registrations. The post further promises that more rewards are coming, but as of right now, the studio are either keeping it’s cards close to it’s chest, or it’s simply undecided on what it will give away. We just have to wait and see.

Global Release?

If you’ve been following a while, you’ll know that there’s not been much talk of a global release. However, that hasn’t stopped fans across the internet from speculating.

One Twitter account in particular, @blclovermobileEN, a Black Clover Mobile fan account, has amassed over 12,000 followers by reporting on speculation and news surrounding the upcoming RPG. In a Tweet, the user speculates that the game will launch globally towards the end of June.

As exciting as this is, however, we must emphasise that this is purely speculation! So, as always, we encourage you to take it with a pinch of salt.

Interested in more Black Clover Mobile coverage? Have a read of our article detailing the Japan pre-register launch.

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