Black Desert Mobile is Hosting the Field of Valor Event Until February 11

Black Desert Mobile is hosting a brand new in-game event right now that sounds like a lot of fun. It’s called Field of Valor, and challenges up to five party members to survive against a wide variety of monsters for 30 minutes.

To participate in the event, you’ll need to pick up Tokens of Valor, which are available as log-in rewards or as rare drops. Once you’ve got these, you can redeem them to enter the Field of Valor.

Black Desert Mobile is Also Holding the Shakatu’s Shop Event Right Now

Once in there, any drops you and your party members pick up are shared between you all, which is very kind. You can get weapons, armour, gold, dark energy, silver, and more, so there’s plenty up for grabs.

Black Desert Mobile also has the Shakatu’s Shop event running, which lets you buy random gear that can be as powerful as mystical, if you’re lucky.

The Field of Valor event runs until February 11, and given the rewards on offer you really don’t want to miss any of it. We recommend grabbing Black Desert Mobile right now on Google Play.

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