Black Desert Mobile’s Hadum’s Realm Update is Here

A couple of weeks ago we reported that a new area called Hadum’s Realm was available in Black Desert Mobile. As a couple of faithful Droid Gamers readers helpfully pointed out, we were dead wrong.

But time heals all wounds, and we’re happy to reveal that Hadum’s Realm is finally here. Ruled by Hadum, the goddess of darkness, Hadum’s Realm is a terrible place where the only way to survive is with the aid of holy water.

If you’ve got the goods, water-wise, you’ll be able to battle against hideous monthes, complete quests, and uncover new content.

In addition to Hadum’s Realm the latest update also brings World Boss Season 3, a host of new bosses that you can brutally slay for rewards, such as World Boss gear fragments and Hero’s Legacy.

There’s also a new shop, where you can buy special items to help you survive Hadum’s Realm.

Black Desert Mobile is available for free right now on the Google Play Store.

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