Black Friday: Popular VPN Service Surfshark is Just $2.49 a Month, with 3 Months Free

Surfshark, the popular VPN service for PC, mobile, and a host of other devices, is holding a Black Friday sale.

From the 9th of November you’ll be able to nab a two-year subscription to Surfshark’s acclaimed, feature-packed virtual private network service for just $59.76. That’s just $2.49 a month. Plus, you get an additional three months for free. 

It’s an incredible offer for a VPN that’s tempting at any price thanks to its intuitive interface and industry-leading range of features, including 1700+ servers, a whitelister, 24/7 support, an ad blocker, unlimited devices, and an impressive 15 Netflix libraries. 

For comparison, leading rival NordVPN has just seven, while Cyber Ghost has four. 

In case you’re in any doubt, there are tons of reasons to instal a VPN if you don’t already have one. 

Game On

If you’re a gamer, you may well have run into difficulties trying to play a game online at your workplace or on your university network. That’s because institutions often use firewalls to restrict internet access, locking you out of Minecraft servers and Fortnite games. 

A VPN will let you bypass these firewalls and play the games you want to play the way you want to play them, rather than resorting to crappy browser-based alternatives. Plus, you’ll be able to access titles that are banned where you live, or not yet available in your territory.

VPNs are essential for TV addicts, too. A service like Surfshark will let you watch Netflix in multiple regions, giving you access to all the great stuff that appears in other countries but not your own, due to licensing restrictions.

And then there’s a question of basic privacy. A VPN routes your traffic through servers around the world, concealing your IP address from prying eyes and ensuring that nobody online can find out where you live or who you are. 

That kind of peace of mind is worth the price alone. 

To take advantage of Surfshark’s incredible Black Friday offer just head on over to the official site.

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