Horror-puzzle game Black Stories is now available on Google Play

Have you ever played those riddle games, where one person knows how a riddle is solved and everyone else tries to figure it out by asking only close-ended questions? As an example, consider the following: You’re a cop trying to solve a possible murder. The deceased has been shot, and there are 53 bicycles on the floor surrounding him.

As questions get asked, you learn that the bicycles are playing cards made by the brand Bicycle. Given that 52 come in a standard deck, one can infer that cheating was happening, and the motive for murder is thus ascertained. Black Stories is a game played in just such a fashion, only the riddles are fashioned in a macabre fashion, with questions revolving around death and other gruesome themes. There are multiple riddles available, with the setup and solution revealed to one person that is designated as the “game master”. The game master reads the riddle to the others, and the first person who correctly solves it is the game master the next time around.

Some of the questions are worded poorly (I presume English isn’t the first language of the developers), and the graphics are a bit fuzzy on larger screens (and simply understated to begin with). That being said, neither of those are prohibitive to the play of the game as it’s really just a vehicle for the riddles. It’s available now on Google Play for free, with sharing on Facebook and In-App Purchasing included for acquiring more riddles beyond the initial six.


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