NC Media Day 2018: NCSoft announces three new Blade & Soul mobile games

Blade & Soul Android

NCSoft has announced not one but three brand new Blade & Soul games. There’s a full-blown sequel to the original, which is set in the distant future.

Monsters and NPCs are smarter and will react to your actions, you can forge relationships with NPCs for different effects, and you won’t be bound into a particular faction.

NCSoft has announced a remake of the original Blade & Soul, a sequel, and a gacha MMORPG

The original is also coming to mobile as Blade & Soul M, but it won’t just be a simple port. It will feature enhanced graphics, advanced combat mechanics, and an active environment.

There’s also a branching story system that lets you make key decisions that will then impact the world. Much like a Bioware RPG!

The third new entry is Blade & Soul S, a more streamlined version of the franchise with cuter visuals. It’s similar to a gacha RPG, but takes place in an open world.

Source: MMO Culture

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