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Blast Waves is an Upcoming Tactical Shooter From the Dev of Immortal Rogue

We love a good tactical shooter. Sure, charging into the fray with wild abandon is fun, but sometimes a more measured approach is appreciated. Which is why we’re excited about Blast Waves, a new strategic blaster from the dev behind the excellent Immortal Rogue.

The game has two distinct flavors. In Survival mode you’re playing as a raw recruit, fighting your way through levels packed with hordes of aliens. You’ll earn new weapons as you battle through the roguelike-style campaign.

In Command mode you’re smashing your way through auto-battles, using characters that survived Survival to lead your squads. Here’s a trailer.

There are some interesting ideas here – time doesn’t move unless you do, there’s a cover system, and there are different control options to let you really get to grips with the action.

Blast Waves is scheduled to land on the Play Store on December 16th. Pre-registration for the game is live right now, and you can do that by clicking here. The game will be $3.99 when it launches.

You can get more information on Blast Waves at its official website by poking at this link right here.

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