Bleach Soul Resonance Features Explosive Real-Time Combat in New Trailer

feature image for our bleach soul resonance trailer news, the image features promo art for the game of the characters ichigo and byakuya as both of their katana's clash in the center of the image, they are both gritting their teeth while petals float around byakuya

The latest Bleach Soul Resonance trailer has dropped! The video itself doesn’t reveal much information about the game, but it does feature an explosive battle sequence.

For more information about the game, you can visit the official Twitter page and YouTube channel! The only video on there at the moment is the trailer, but we expect to see plenty of new content on there in due time.

What Does the Trailer Show Us?

We’re introduced to a couple of character names before the action kicks in. The trailer gives us a handy glimpse into what the combat looks like in-game. From the looks of it, Bleach Soul Resonance features real-time combat with flashy animations and immersive sound effects. 

The game certainly looks more cinematic than other Bleach mobile games on the market at the moment. However, global fans will have to wait a while to get their hands on this one. 

Will There Be a Global Release?

The pre-registration is only available in China at the moment on the game’s official website, and will only be released on Chinese servers at first.

There are pre-registration rewards that will only be granted to accounts on the Chinese server at this current time. Though, we have seen separate pre-registration milestones and rewards for global launches in the past – so nobody misses out!

As Bleach Soul Resonance is still pretty much a mystery, we can’t yet confirm when a global launch will be. We’ll watch out for any announcements that may pop up over the next few months. When a mobile game first launches in China, fans sometimes have to wait upwards of 6 months to over a year for a global release.

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