Blizzard begins teasing a fourth game mode for Hearthstone, but what is it?

Blizzard have been busy little bees lately it seems when it comes to teasing new features and making people think changes are approaching. First there was the whole rumor about another expansion on the way after Blizzard changed their cover image on Facebook. That got everybody thinking that a new Pirate and Ninja themed expansion was on the way. This particular rumor has yet to be confirmed or disproved, although from some comments left in our original article on this rumor, itis more than likely not true. Still… you never know right?

More recently Blizzard began teasing the new cosmetic upgrades that will soon be arriving to Hearthstone. These will give players the ability to purchase a new hero skin for their class of choice. Not only will you get a new hero to play as for your class, but all the goodies that come with it such as a new card back to match their new hero, new animations for the hero ability, an animated portrait, a new battlecry, and other goodies. So far all we have seen is the new Warrior upgrade which is the King of Ironforge.

Now Blizzard has begun teasing a new game mode. If you play Hearthstone then you know the main menu has what appears to be four slots, but only three have been available. This is where you pick what game mode you want to play. Blizzard posted a new animated GIF showing the fourth slot opening up with a caption “Huh, That’s New!” along with it. However, the new game mode text hasn’t been filled in, making everyone try to guess what it is.

Some people are guessing it’s a Tournament Mode, something a lot of people who play Hearthstone religiously have been asking for. Other guesses have been a bit less serious, saying its another deck slot, which clearly it won’t be since that is the completely wrong screen for it. Whatever the case may be, what we do know is that there is a new game mode coming, we just have no idea what it will be. Guesses anyone?

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