Blizzard investigating mobile gaming on phones and tablets?

Well here is some interesting news that could be big for mobile gaming if it comes true, at least when it comes to Android and iOS. Blizzard’s COO Paul Sams has said that there are actually a couple of dedicated teams within Blizzard working on mobile apps. That’s nothing new as we have the Remote Auction House with guild chat and a couple other ‘accessory’ apps available to us on Android.

However, when questioned about gaming on the mobile platform, there was no denial that this has been something considered by Blizzard. However, their main concern is the slate of products they have out right now, as it should be, but when talks of new products, such as the next game(s) they will be making, happens and it’s decided that mobile is the way to go with it, then that’s the platform that game will be on.

Typically, when we’re deciding what games to make next, it’s based upon figuring out what the gameplay experience is, what the game is. Then we decide what platform is most appropriate for it. So if the answer is mobile or tablet, when we’re having those conversations, we’ll definitely go there. We do have a group within the organization that’s focusing on mobile and tablet apps. Thus far it’s been around our games. But that does not mean that we won’t go there in the future. – Paul Sams, COO of Blizzard


Even though right now their priority is their current slate of products, Paul Sams mentioned in an interview with GamesBeat that they “are looking hard at the mobile/tablet market” for future products which would include new apps for their games as well as possibly games for the mobile market in the future.

It’s no surprise though as the mobile gaming market is making billions of dollars right now and that is exactly why major game companies are jumping on board like Ubisoft, Valve (with Steam), GameStop and other game development companies. Blizzard has yet to really jump into it but it looks like in the future we could see some games coming our way from the World of Warcraft developers. You can check out the full interview over at GamesBeat.

Website Referenced: GamesBeat

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