Blocks Battle Online

Blocks Battle Online, by developer Cloudroid, is a battle Tetris style game for Android. Compete against other players in battle Tetris goodness that’s been available for just over a month now and sports all kinds of features from avatars to item to use against opponents.

The graphics and game play are pretty good. You don’t have to sign-up if you don’t want to, you can log in as a Guest. You can also upload pics to use as your avatar while playing. There’s also an emotion system in place now to show how you are feeling during a game without having the need to type anything, just a quick click on one of the four option and it’ll display for your opponent to see whether it’s angry or relief, crying or smiling.

Overall it’s a pretty cool game and if you like Tetris and Battle Tetris then you’ll enjoy this game as well. It’s available free on the Android Market.

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Developer Website: Cloudroid

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