The Bloodline: Last Royal Vampire Chainsaw Man Collab Is Now Live

feature image for our bloodline last royal vampire chainsaw man collab news article, the image features the game's logo as well as the chainsaw man logo, with anime drawings of aki, denji and power from the chainsaw man

The Bloodline: Last Royal Vampire Chainsaw Man collab is finally out. From December 20 to early January 2023, you can participate in this exciting new crossover. In this event, you can collect fan-favorite characters from Chainsaw Man, such as Aki, Denji, and Power. These characters are available via a special currency that is given to players during the collaboration.

Check out the short trailer for the Bloodline: Last Royal Vampire Chainsaw Man collab below!

What Can I Get In The Bloodline: Last Royal Vampire Chainsaw Man Collab?

Additionally, you can also obtain a unique outfit for Denji during the collab – perfect for Chainsaw Man fans! There are also brand new profile pictures, and frames, up for grabs that feature characters from the popular manga/anime series. Make sure you log into the game on a daily basis during the crossover!

Similarly to a typical JRPG, you have to assemble a strong team of heroes to battle against an abundance of foes. However, with this collaboration, you can play as your favourite Chainsaw Man characters. It’s no surprise that Bloodline: Last Royal Vampire is collaborating with Chainsaw Man, with both franchises focusing on devil hunting and demons.

What Is Bloodline: Last Royal Vampire?

Bloodline: Last Royal Vampire is a pixelated retro JRPG, and it’s based on a Chinese graphic novel called Bloodline. It follows Lilo, the last royal vampire, as she travels alongside Ren. They embark on a quest to save their friends and family from the Holy Land.

If you’d like to learn more about the game, take a look at the official website.

What Is Chainsaw Man?

If you’re unfamiliar with Chainsaw Man, you’re missing out! The series follows Denji, a young man who’s had a pretty tough life. He meets a devil dog named Pochita, an adorable creature with a chainsaw on his head.

After a serious incident that leads to Pochita becoming part of Denji’s heart, Denji becomes Chainsaw Man. Chaos ensues and Denji soon finds himself amongst his fellow devil hunters in Public Safety.

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