Blue Archive Halo Festival Launches Pre-Registration Campaign

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Blue Archive’s exciting new event, Halo Festival, is now available for pre-registration. Nexon Company has confirmed that the event covers the second half of the Sports Festival Arc, rounding off the storyline.

The studio has been extra kind by putting in-game freebies up for grabs when you sign up in advance of the event’s release. The rewards in question consist of a ten pull Ticket, 1,200 Pyroxene, and a maxed out Sports Hasumi.

Tweeting Will Get You More Rewards

Nexon Company has deployed an interesting promotional campaign for the new event. On the game’s official Twitter, Nexon states that in order to earn the teased rewards, you have to retweet the post, quote it, and upload a picture of your digital merch. You also have to accompany the picture with #BlueArchive_HaloFestival_DigitalMerch.

Doing this will enter you in a draw for 600 Pryoxene. There are 50 winners, and you can enter between April 12 – 24. Presumably, the studio will announce the winner shortly after.

Help Prepare For The Festival

To further promote the upcoming event, Nexon Company has hidden a few mini-games on the event website. The mini-games all focus on helping prepare for the fictional Halo Festival, which the update takes place around.

Some of the mini-games include sorting the Cavalry Battle Hats (don’t worry, there’s only two colours), decorating the cheer bot, and making Halo Festival promotional flyers.

Blue Archive

Blue Archive is a hugely popular gacha RPG that describes itself as a blend between youth, academy, and a military RPG. In the game, you solve a vast array of different problems that erupt in the city of Kivitos. Joined by a team, you engage in real-time 3D battles, playing through an engaging, expansive campaign.

You can download Blue Archive on Google Play now.

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