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Tencent Will Be Publishing Blue Protocol Mobile – and People Aren’t Happy

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Blue Protocol has been a long-awaited title for quite some time now. With closed beta tests and gameplay videos showcased, the hype was steadily increasing amongst fans of MMORPGs and anime. And now, a mobile version of the game has been announced – and it’s being published by Tencent.

For more information about Blue Protocol, you can visit the game’s official website.

The Controversy

The game has already been under fire lately after it was announced that the 2024 Western version was going to be published by Amazon – we all remember New World, right? 

Now that Tencent’s mobile version of Blue Protocol has been revealed, the anger and disappointment seem to have risen exponentially. Some people are even calling Blue Protocol “dead” and that they were originally looking forward to it, but now they aren’t planning on playing the game anymore. 

How Will it Run on Mobile?

Blue Protocol was originally supposed to be a PC/Console title, with no information in regards to a possible mobile version. The ambitious game didn’t seem like it would transfer over to mobile devices well, especially with it being an expansive MMORPG. 

Yes, MMOs can exist on mobile, but with the initial plan being a major PC and Console release, it’s a little hard to imagine how that may translate to mobile and tablets. The mobile version could be more watered-down when compared to its counterpart, but only time will tell.

Still, making Blue Protocol more accessible for players is a positive. Not everyone has a PC or next-gen console. Although, it’s gonna take a pretty powerful mobile phone to run the upcoming MMORPG. Plus, we still don’t know if cross-platform play is going to be available.

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