Stylish RPG Blue Reflection Sun Pre-Registration Begins – But Only in Japan

feature image for our blue reflection sun pre-registration news, the image features anime style promo art of some of the characters from the game

The Blue Reflection Sun pre-registration period has now started. However, it’s only available in Japan at the moment. We’re not too sure when the global release will follow, or if there will even be one. It’s more than likely that we’ll get it in the coming weeks, especially since there are Blue Reflection Sun pre-registration rewards up for grabs. 

Blue Reflection Sun Pre-Registration Rewards

Let’s go over what the pre-registration rewards are.

  • 5 Million Milestone – 300 Rare Stone, 1 UR Memory Flag Card
  • 10 Million Milestone – 300 Rare Stone, 200k Ether, Shiho Cat Ear Version
  • 15 Million Milestone – 300 Rare Stone, 1 Reinforced Material Set, 1 UR Memory Flag Card
  • 20 Million Milestone – 740 Rare Stone, 100 Shiho Cat Ear Pieces
  • 30 Million Milestone – 1,250 Rare Stone, 20 Battle Skip Ticket, 2 Reinforced Material Set, 1 UR Memory Flag Card

By signing up to the Blue Reflection Sun pre-registration, you can obtain these rewards when you first log in. It’s important to note that each milestone is met depending on how many people actually sign up for the pre-registration.

When is the Global Release?

The only news we have about a possible release date is late 2023 – possibly around the winter season. We assume this will be a global release, but it may come out in Japan first. Remember to keep an eye on our news page for the latest updates about Blue Reflection Sun.

What is Blue Reflection Sun?

If you aren’t sure about what Blue Reflection Sun even is, it’s the latest installment in the beloved Blue Reflection franchise. While it may be a niche game for some, it’s certainly recommended for JRPG lovers. The console entries for the series are truly stunning, with beautiful graphics and engaging turn-based battles.

Blue Reflection Sun is the first mobile game in the series, which is why many fans patiently await the day of release. Personally, we can’t wait to see how Blue Reflection adapts to mobile – we’ve got high hopes.

If you want to learn more about the game, you can visit the official website. While the pre-registration is only available in Japan at the moment, you can still take a look at Blue Reflection Sun on Google Play.

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