BlueStacks announces a subscription based Android game console

The world of Android-powered game console has just gotten a little bigger today as BlueStacks has announced that they are getting into the console world with GamePop. What is interesting about GamePop isn’t so much that it is an Android-powered game console, there seems to be a new one every couple of months, but its business model as it will be a monthly subscription service.

There isn’t a whole lot of details about the hardware for GamePop, at least not just yet. However BlueStacks is already siting that they have 500+ games ready for when the console launches with more being added all the time. Of course these are currently existing Android games.

As for GamePop’s business model, to use the console you’ll need to pay $6.99/month which actually isn’t that bad at all. What is even more interesting is that pre-orders are now available and if you pre-order a GamePop unit (which comes with GamePop Console, Controller, HDMI cable, Power Supply) in May you will actually receive the console and controllerfor free. In order to qualify for this deal though you will need to pay for one year of subscription service upfront which totals about $94.

If you’re interested in picking up a GamePop right now, just head on over to the pre-order site and order one. You can also learn a little more about this console by watching the video above.

Official Website: GamePop

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