Bokura is a Cute Co-Op Puzzler That Requires Communication

Bokura gameplay.

Lamenting a lack of decent co-op offerings on Android? Well, why not check out Bokura, a cute indie adventure out right now on Google Play.

You and a friend play together, with each of you on your own phone. You then have to work together to solve puzzles, actually communicating with your real voice.

Does Bokura Feature Online Play?

Online play is available, but Kodansha encourages you to do so over the phone. Sadly, it doesn’t include a voice chat feature of its own. Why? Because communication is vital if you want to solve the puzzles.

You see, the world will look very different to both of you while playing. On Google Play, the developer provides an example where one person might see an animal, while another sees a robot.

So It’s Just Visually Different?

Visuals aren’t the only difference, either, as how you interact with the objects also depends on what you can see. So you need to constantly talk about what each of you can see if you want to progress.

But in terms of gameplay, Bokura is a side-scrolling puzzle platformer that wouldn’t look out of place on the SNES. You explore the world, jumping on stuff, and solving puzzles with a friend.

What’s Bokura About?

It tells the story of two young boys who run away from home and quickly develop an ability to see the world in different ways. One lives in a world of animals, and another of machines.

Playing on the philosophy that we’ll never know if we’re all experiencing the world differently, Bokura is an intriguing little puzzler that’s suitable for all ages.

With three to four hours of gameplay, a ton of puzzles to solve, and a cutesy story about two brothers developing a friendship in two very different worlds, there’s plenty to keep you busy in Bokura.

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