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Bomb Trouble is a Love Letter to One-Screen Platform Coin-Ops

Bomb Trouble, from the developer behind A Blob and his Box, has just landed on the Play Store. It’s for fans of a certain type of retro platformer, and it looks like it captures them perfectly.

If you like games like Bubble Bobble, then you’re probably going to fall in love with this one. It’s all about running and leaping around tight levels, avoiding enemies and defusing bombs.

There are 80 different levels spread out across ten different zones, each with its own art-style. You’ll need to avoid spikes, flames and loads more to survive. Trailer? Trailer.

There’s a plot that knits everything together, and a pretty awesome soundtrack as well. It all just looks pretty good and we reckon you might like it.

There are two versions of Bomb Trouble – a free version that’s ad supported, or a premium version without any ads. You can click those links to download them.

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