Bomberman and Indiana Jones combine forces to make Bombergeddon

Herocraft has just released an interesting new game onto the Google Play store called Bombergeddon. This action arcade game is a blend of Bomberman style gaming with an Indiana Jones type of an adventure theme which makes for an interesting homage to the classic Bomberman series of games.

Considering this is a homage to Bomberman, you should already have an idea of how the game plays out. For those of you unfortunate enough to have not ever played a Bomberman game, here is the quick idea about what is going on. Essentially you will be running around through each level, placing bombs in an attempt to blow up your enemies. There are various power-ups to help you out but you will have to be careful as your enemies are trying to do the same.

Bombergeddon Features:

– Blast your way through 80 levels across 4 unique game worlds
– Set the fuse on 14 explosive varieties of bomb
– Unlock over 100 trophies and achievements
– Explore lavish locations from around the world, each with their own soundtrack

You will also have to be careful with placing your bombs as well. Running around and just spamming bombs everywhere won’t get you too far in the game because your bombs can also kill you. This leads to having to use a bit of strategy while running around trying to stay alive.

Fans of Bomberman will pretty much run out and get this game but if you are new to this type of game, now is a good time to give it a whirl. Bombergeddon can be picked up off of the Google Play store for $0.99 with the premium edition or you can grab the game for free to try out and buy stuff via in-game purchases.

Developer Website: Herocraft

Google Play Link: Bombergeddon Premium

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