Boson X is a rotational runner that looks like it could have been a part of Another World

Boson X is a new endless running type of game but with the unique twist of being a rotational runner. Not only that but it looks like it could have been apart of the old school cult classic Another World if you take into account how the game’s visuals looks. What this makes is a pretty unique and fast-paced running game that is now available for Android users to try out.

The goal of the game is simple, run for as long as you can. The problem is you have to run from plank to plank and while this may not e overly challenging itself, what does make this difficult is the fact that the planks are all around you inside the tube you’re running in. That means you have 360 degree of planks to worry about running on.

This also means you will actually need a bit of skill and some rather good reflexes if you actually plan on getting far in Boson X. There is a lot of timing to it all and the visuals are quite nice to look at and can actually be a distraction when you’re trying to time your moves.

As the developer states, there are no IAPs in this game or any sort of power-ups or boosters. It’s just skill, reflexes and what the developer calls “deadly serious scientific research”. Sounds promising doesn’t it? If you’re up for checking this game out, Boson X can be downloaded off of Google Play for $1.99. Check out the video below to see the game in action.

Google Play Link: Boson X

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