Bounce’n Bang is like a cross between Arkanoid and Angry Birds

Once upon a time in a location far, far away, there was a village. This village came under attack from the evil Zormen, who sacked the settlement and enslaved its inhabitants.

Pretty dark, right?

Fortunately, some of the villagers managed to escape, and now they’re launching a counterattack in order to liberate their friends and regain their independence.


That’s where you come in. The villagers have got hold a cannon, and it’s your job to wield it.

Bounce’n Bang is a casual puzzler in which you take out Zormen buildings with your trusty cannon. Unlike traditional cannons, yours can fire balls that bounce off walls, which is handy because the Zormen like to hide around corners.

That means each stage is a test of puzzling prowess and skill, as you attempt to work out the best way to destroy a building using only your brain and your instinct for geometry.

For example, you might have to hit a building at the end of a tunnel. Do you attempt to slot the ball right down the middle, even though the angle is tricky, or do you let it bounce of the edges at the risk of running out of momentum?

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Further complicating matters are the optional stars that appear in each stage, tempting you to make risky shots for the maximum star rating.

Bounce’n Bang is a gloriously simple puzzler, playing like a cross between Arkanoid and Angry Birds, but there’s a lot of tactical depth in deciding what shot to play to avoid disappointment.

Fortunately you unlock more powerful cannons as the levels get trickier, with longer laser guidance systems to help you aim. You can also unlock a variety of different cannonballs, and there are consumable power-ups to help you out of a jam.

So whether you hate the Zormen or just fancy a spot of accessible arcade puzzle action, go and grab Bounce’n Bang for free right now on Google Play in both free and paid iterations. There’s an Amazon version too, and why not check out the developer’s Facebook and Twitter pages too.


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