Bouncer Story is Out Now on Android

Bouncer Story is best described as a nightclub bouncer simulator. Whether you have always wanted to tell someone that they are not getting in, or if you want to stick it to the mafia, Bouncer Story is the game for you.

Bouncer Story – Bouncer Simulator with Extra Crime

You play as a bouncer who is up to his ears in debt to the mafia. Your job is to make sure everyone in the establishment is having a good time, by not letting in violent or drunk individuals. Also, if you can find a way to reduce your crippling debt, then that’s a good idea too!

In Bouncer Story, you are in control. You get to decide how you interact with drunks, the mafia thugs and also detectives. Will you stay loyal to the mafia or will you help the police with their investigation?

Bouncer Story is out now on the Google Play Store, if you want a copy, click here.

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