Boxing Star is like Punch-Out!! for mobile, out now

Boxing Star Android

Boxing Star is a Punch-Out!!-like boxing game that just launched on Android. It’s gorgeous, with a wide variety of boxers and equipment to unlock as you play.

You’ll dodge attacks, block them, and retaliate with your own. You can choose the directions of your dodges and attacks to create the perfect counter attack.

Boxing Star is like Punch-Out!! for mobile

A good boxer works as hard out of the ring as he does on it, and there’s no exception here. You’ll train hard and work your way through a championship tournament in story mode.

There’s a bunch of different gloves to unlock with various abilities attached to them, and various different boxers to meet. We’re not sure if you create your own character or unlock different ones.

Finally, there’s multiplayer and you can battle against others in League Mode. Go and grab Boxing Star on Google Play right now.

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