A Breaking Bad mobile game is in the works

Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements Android

Good news, Walter White fans! A brand new mobile game based on the hit TV show Breaking Bad is in the works.

Developer Plamee and publisher FTX Games just announced the new project, Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements, which will serve as an extension of the universe.

Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements reconnects you with your favourite characters

We have no idea how it’s actually going to play as no information or screenshots have been released just yet. All FTX Games has announced so far is that it will be free and it’s a strategy game.

The goal will be to build and grow your own criminal empire that competes with White’s. So you’ll have to make sure you make plenty of dollar and deal with anyone who gets in your way.

We do know that all of your favourite characters will make an appearance, like Walter, Jesse, Gus, and Saul. We’ll let you know as soon as we learn more.

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